Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend at Grandma's!

We went to Burley, Idaho this weekend, to visit Stuart's mom for her birthday!! We had a really good time just relaxing and watching movies! We rented Enchanted, RaeLynn loved it!! It was a really cute movie. RaeLynn had fun playing with all of Grandma's toys, but her favorite was grandma's hair curlers. She was fascinated with grandma's hair! Saturday night after the girls had a bath, RaeLynn asked grandma if she would put the curlers in her hair!! RaeLynn loved having them in her hair, and kept them in for quite a while. It was amazing how much older she looked with the curlers in her hair!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Are you talking to me?

I love this picture!!

Flower Power

Our Little Flower
The Easter Bunny brought Ainzlee and RaeLynn flower headbands, well I couldn't get Rae to put her's on for the picture!!


RaeLynn didn't really want anything to do with Ainzlee when we first brought her home from the hospital, but that has changed a lot over the past few weeks. I have noticed when RaeLynn thinks that I am not looking, she will rub Ainzlee's head or try to give her a high five, or maybe even stones(also known as rocks). Rae lets me know when her sister starts crying, and will run to her side saying, "don't cry Inzing(that is what Rae calls her), it will be ok." It is so cute, it just melts my heart. Sometimes she will even tickle her. But RaeLynn's newest thing is, know that Ainzlee is starting to find her voice, also known as cooing. RaeLynn will say,"Inzing talking to me." She also lets us know if we are being too loud with Ainzlee is sleeping, "shhhhhh mommy Inzing sleeping." in her whisper voice. I am so excited for the bond that they have already started with each other, and look forward to seeing them grow closer. We love you two!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I was forced to post a blog...

This is Stu in the HOUSE!!!! This is proof that my little girl's toes won't be as deformed as mine. No, not really we just thought it would be a cute pic. We had a blast this Easter while freinds came to celebrate. We haven't been the same since eating all the chocolate in the entire Easter Bunny's basket. I haven't slept in two days...syke...but we have eaten a ton. Well my people...peace.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

They grow so fast!!

Ainzlee is 10 weeks old today!! I can't believe it, time goes by so fast!! It makes me so sad!! She is doing really good at holding her head up and when I put her in the bouncer chair she tries to do sit ups, it is so cute!! She is going be have some really nice abs!! I love watching them grow up!!

Go RaeLynn!!!

Yeppie! Last night we put RaeLynn to bed like always, and about 20 minutes later she came out of her room saying that she didn't want her diaper on, she wanted underwear! I told her she could only wear her underwear if she didn't go potty in them! Well...........Today is a day that will go down in history in the Hardy home!! RaeLynn slept through the night with out a diaper(she wore big girl underwear) and didn't go potty in her bed!! We have been potty training for about 4 weeks now, it has had its good days and bad days!! She caught on to the whole potty thing pretty fast but wasn't too sure about the poop thing!! She likes to hide when she is doing her deed, especially under the kitchen table!! I didn't know what to do, and then my wonderful husband had an excellent idea to put the potty chair under the table!! Well believe it or not it worked!! I can't get her to go on the toilet yet, but I will just have to move the potty chair closer and closer to the bathroom without her noticing and then maybe we will attempt the big toilet!!
Another accomplishment that us Hardy's have made, we moved Ainzlee into RaeLynn's room Saturday was the first night and Ainzlee slept about 7 hours, it was wonderful!! Of course RaeLynn got up a few times that night! I guess once you become a mom, no matter what you will never get a good nights rest again!! hahaha! I am not to sure RaeLynn likes sharing her room with her little sister but I think after a week or so she will be ok with it!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

my first blogging day!!

Today has been a huge day for me, I have finally started my blog!! I can officially say that I am a blogger!! I am very excited!!