Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cute Pictures!!

Ainzlee has discovered her fingers!! Now that she discovered her fingers they are always in her mouth, and sometimes she tires to get both hands in her mouth at the same time!! I love it!!

RaeLynn got some hair things at the store and wanted daddy to put them in her hair!! She loved having daddy playing with her hair, but I think Stuart loved it even more!!

Daddy and RaeLynn

Monday, April 14, 2008

A-Z Tag

a-attached or single: Attached to my husband Stuart Hardy
b-best friend: My husband and my mom
c-cake or pie: Both but would rather have pie!!
d-day of choice: Sunday because I feel like I don't have to do anything, but spend time w/family
e-essential item: Clean underwear for Rae and Diapers for Ainzlee
f-favorite color: Purple and Green
g-gummy bears or worms: Worms
h-hometown: Hermiston, Oregon
i-indulgence(s): eating anything sweet, and crafts
j-January or July: July all the way!!
k-kids: 2 RaeLynn 2 1/2, and Ainzlee 3 months
l-life is incomplete without: Family (families are forever)
m-marriage date: March 19, 2004
n-number of siblings- 3 brothers
o-oranges or apples: Oranges
p-phobias or fears: water if I can't see the bottom, you never know what could be down there
q-quote(s): "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all"
r-reason to smile: Each day brings new challenges
s-season: Summer and Fall
t-tag five: Cyndi Taylor, Jerolyn Hill, Ashley Johnston, Cami Wilcox, and Stephanie Kelly
u-unknown fact about me: RaeLynn, Ainzlee, and I have the same birth mark in the same place
v-vegetarian or oppressor of animal: Meat, is the only way to go!
w-worst habit: bitting my finger nails
x-x-rays or ultrasounds: Ultrasounds
y-your favorite food: Anything from Olive Garden especially the salad and bread sticks, YUM!!
z-zodiac: Gemini

Things about me in 3's

3 names you go by:
Arlee/R, Red, Mama
3 of your favorite things to do:
play with my beautifil girls and loving husband
any sort of craft (scrapbooking, sewing etc,)
3 favorite pets have/had:
dog (Louie), fish, hamsters
3 longest plane/car ride:
Portland, Oregon to Tennessee flying
Salt Lake, Utah to Georgia flying
Hermiston, Oregon to Colorado driving
3 Favorite Holidays:
Valentines, Easter, and Christmas
3 favorite beverages:
Dr. Pepper, Orange Juice, and Jamba Juice (Caribbean Passion is the best!)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sisterly Love

So, yesterday, we, (the girls and I) were playing in their room with all of RaeLynn's doll stuff!! I had to go get something in the kitchen and when I came back, well RaeLynn was feeding Ainzlee with her baby bottle!! She told me that Izing(Rae calls her that) wanted some milk!! I was worried that Ainzlee wouldn't care for what RaeLynn was putting her through, but instead she rather enjoyed the attention and couldn't stop smiling at RaeLynn! So precious!!
Ainzlee smiling just after RaeLynn got done feeding her some milk!
After RaeLynn was done feeding Ainzlee, she decided that she should wear some of her braclets! (Notice Ainzlee's ankles) Ainzlee really loved all the attention!!
Sister just haning out together!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

rAeLyNn WaS tAgGeD!

8 Things about RaeLynn
1. RaeLynn loves it when daddy comes home, because she gets to fly!! Stuart will lay a blanket on the floor, RaeLynn will get on top of the blanket, he will put the corners together, and swing her all over the place. She calls it flying! He will also spin her around while she is in the blanket!! She loves to go fast!!
2. She loves playing dress up. Grammy bought her a tutu a while ago, she lived in that thing for about a week! If she is watching a movie and someone is dancing with a dress on, she automatically wants her tutu!! She also has to have dress shoes on, along with her necklaces. She was a skunk for Halloween and still loves putting that thing on!! She is my little stinker!
3. RaeLynn sleeps just like her daddy!! She loves to have both arms above her head when she sleeps. I don't know how that can be comfortable but whatever it takes!
4. RaeLynn has a wobee(her blanket)! My grandma made a few blankets for RaeLynn when she was born, I used them all the time. I noticed that she started getting attached to one of them. My grandma crocheted yarn around the edges, the holes are big enough that RaeLynn can fit her fingers through the holes. She will have all 10 fingers in a different hole at one time. When she goes to bed she has to have her blanket. Her new thing is she will have her thumb through about 7 different holes at one time. Also when I was getting some things out for Ainzlee I found the burp cloth that matches her blanket, now she has to have them both. The big one and the small one!
5. Peter Pan is one of RaeLynn's favorite movies. She would watch it over and over again and again if I would let her! She really likes the part where John, Michael, and the lost boys are singing we're following the leader. She marches around the room singing the song. She has been wanting an umbrella forever, just like John has in the movie. We finally broke down and bought her one. Now she marches around the house holding her umbrella on her shoulder singing we're following the leader!!
6. We can always tell when RaeLynn is really concentrating because she takes the tip of her middle finger to bend back the tip of her index finger. She also does that when she is in trouble.
7. RaeLynn loves going for rides in the car. She really loves it when you go fast. We will be in the car going around a corner, and she will say, "FAST!" Once we start going faster she will raise her arms above her head like she is on a roller coaster! I am not sure where she got that from, she just did it one day! She makes me laugh, and realize that the small things in life make her happy!
8. RaeLynn is the sweetest girl in the whole wide world. When she gets hurt, I love it because she will ask me to kiss it!! She loves giving hugs, and will either give you a small one, a big one, or may even pat you on your back! I love it when she snuggles because it doesn't happen that much anymore!! I love watching her grow, she is getting so big!! She is my BIG girl. RaeLynn I love you very much(Daddy and Ainzlee too)!
That was a lot of fun!! RaeLynn now tags Elli Johnston, Brooklyn Kelly, Kyler Hogman, Dawson Kay, and Brielle Dalling!! Have fun!