Monday, May 19, 2008

Friendly and brave little squirrel

The other day I had just got done putting food in the bird feeder that is on the back porch!! There is always food on the porch that for some reason the birds don't eat, like the nuts!! I was on the phone and RaeLynn began yelling at me "Squirrel, mama, squirrel!!" When I looked outside the bird house was knocked over, and there was a squirrel trying to get anything and everything he could off the ground. I gave RaeLynn a handful of food and told her to go put in the ground, well instead the squirrel came right up to her and started eating out of her hand!! She loved it, and so did the squirrel! She followed him around everywhere and he didn't seem to mind at all!! Of course when the squirrel left RaeLynn wanted wasn't very happy!!

RaeLynn and Ainzlee wearing hats! SO adorable!!

Raelynn on the slide!! Ainzlee and Mama at the park!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fun Pictures of the Girls

Last week, when it was nice(the one day) RaeLynn kept telling me she wanted to go swimming! We bought her this frog pool, and we haven't been able to use it yet, well at least outside! She loves laying in it when she is watching a movie!! Hopefully the weather will warm up soon!

RaeLynn and Ainzlee playing in the bucket together. RaeLynn will sit in the bucket, hold onto the handles and swing herself back and forth! It is the funniest thing ever!!

Ainzlee love drinking water out of the camelbak!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

4 Months already......

Ainzlee is 4 months old today, and I can't believe it!! Yesterday she rolled over for the first time!! She did it about 6 times, it made me happy and sad!! I love watching her grow up but I also don't like it cause it just goes by too fast!! She has also been eating cereal for a couple weeks now!! At first I am not sure she really cared for it, plus didn't really understand the whole swallowing thing!! But she has gotten the hang of it, and loves her cereal!! We love you!

Ainzlee eating cereal and playing in the saucer!

Fun in Oregon

The girls and I got back from Oregon on Monday, and I am still trying to catch up on my sleep! I am really glad to be home, because we all missed Stuart! And I know he missed us! We had a really good time visiting Pop, Grammy, Uncle Ben, Uncle Caleb, and Louie(the dog). Of course friends too!! RaeLynn loves Grammy's house, but we decided that she loves it so much because Louie is there, she took very good care of him while we where there!! She was always feeding him (especially things he didn't need like strawberry marshmellows), and thought that he always needed a treat!! And of course Louie loved it because he didn't have to work for the treat RaeLynn would just give it to him!! Ainzlee wasn't too sure about the dog, but she had a really good time too, and loved all the attention! The weather was really nice, and RaeLynn was able to go swimming with her friend Cora!! While we were there RaeLynn got pink eye, that wasn't fun(thanks uncle Ben who gave it to her, because he got it while he was at a wrestling tournament) but she is all better now, and I am just hoping that Ainzlee won't get it, so far so good!! Thanks Grammy for such a fun time, and spoiling us girls!! See you in about 6 weeks! Love you!

Pop and Ainzlee taking a nap together!
Pop and RaeLynn hanging out on the porch together!

Grammy and Ainzlee