Wednesday, August 6, 2008

RaeLynn's a funny Girl!!

Over the past few days RaeLynn has been saying or doing some pretty funny things! I don't want to forget them, so I am writing them down. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

RaeLynn always has boogers in her nose, I am being serious when I saw always! I can't believe she is still able to breathe half the time. I try to help her get them out but most of the time she doesn't like it, or I can't reach it. I have been telling her to get it herself and she does!! The other day after Stuart was home from work, RaeLynn said, "Daddy I need a kleenex." While at the same time showing him the dime size booger on her finger!! Stuart said, "Can I eat it?" RaeLynn said, "NO MINE, daddy!!" We all had a pretty good laugh!

This happen a while back, but RaeLynn still remembers everything! While we were in Oregon, Stuart and my brother were helping my mom with some yard work. There was a big beetle on the wall where they were working, my brother kicked it, and the poor beetle was of course dead. RaeLynn started freaking out, saying "Derek don't kick the spider!" I told her that is was ok, and the spider was with Jesus. Now whenever RaeLynn says a prayer she says," Bless Jesus spider, Derek don't kick it!" We try not to laugh, but she is just so adorable!

When we got back this last weekend from our family reunion, we came home to a floating fish! We forgot to tell my brother to feed it!! Oops! RaeLynn didn't notice until later but kept saying, "oh no my bish!" I would tell her, "it is ok, he is taking a nap." What do you tell your 2 1/2 year old that there fish is well, dead? I told her that when daddy gets home we would go to the store and get her 2 new baby goldfishes!! We got the fishes and brought them home! We asked her what she wanted to name them, and she told us, "RaeLynn and Ainzing(Ainzlee)!" So Cute! When we were putting her to bed one was already floating! This morning when she got up she didn't really notice that there was only one. But by the afternoon, she realized one was missing! She asked Stuart, "Where's Ainzing's bish." We just thought it was funny that Ainzlee's fishing was the one missing. It sure is a good thing that goldfish only cost 28 cents!

RaeLynn will do anything and everything she can in order to not go to bed!! But last night pretty much tops it off! After Stuart was done reading a story to her, she said she didn't want her pillow, so he got her a different one, and said good night! Then about 3 minutes later, she came out of her room. Stuart put her back in bed and said goodnight. She began crying saying she wanted mama's blanket. Stuart got the blanket for her and put her back to bed yet again. Then about 5 minutes later, she came running out of her room saying, "it's all messy!!" She was telling me her room was all messy. We have been trying really hard to have her room all clean before she goes to bed, and well she thought it was messy. It wasn't really messy just a few things out of place. So we picked up those few things and put her to bed again! She must have been ok with that because she didn't come out of her room again!

I can't believe how much she is growing! I just hope by writing these few things down, we will be able to remember how much joy and laughter she had brought into out lives! Love you RaeLynn!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Travel, Travel, Travel, and more Traveling

I can't believe it is August already, July went by so fast! Especially because we were out of town for pretty much the whole month! We met my family in Boise for the 4th of July weekend, and had such a good time! We went to the water park all of Saturday, and had such a blast!!

The girls and I went back to Oregon with my family!! While Stuart and my brother came back to finish the semester with lots of finals!! The girls and I had so much fun spending time with Pop, Grammy, Uncle Ben, and Uncle Caleb. Of course RaeLynn loved spending time with Louie their dog!! He is always well fed when we are at Grammy's house!! While we were in Oregon RaeLynn took swimming lessons, which turned out to be unsuccessful! She doesn't really care for the water much anyways, especially getting her head wet. I thought she would really enjoy herself which was the case for the first few lessons, but I turned out to be wrong. It all happened when she was dunked which ruined her toddler life. Ever since than she would cry everytime I said anything about swimming!! But I am going to keep working on her, and hopefully next year things will turn out better for her!

Ainzlee got her ears pierced, she did so good! Hopefully she will stop being called a cute boy! Even though she is wearing pink!! hahaha! Also Ainzlee started moving around everywhere, but it wasn't until we got home the she actually started crawling everywhere!!(Stuart was happy about that, because he didn't want to miss it) Stuart and my brother came up after finals, and stayed for a few days! It is was much fun!!

Ainzlee and RaeLynn enjoying a popsicle while at Pop and Grammy's house!

Ainzlee had a well baby check up last week! She is growing so fast!
Weight 18 pounds
Lenght 27 inches
RaeLynn playing in the dryer!!
Last weekend we went to a family reunion, and were able to go to the open house of the Twin Falls, Idaho Temple! It is so awesome, and the inside is beautiful!!