Thursday, November 13, 2008


I can't belive it is almost the middle of November already. I know it has been forever since I have posted and I feel aweful about it, but life has been so crazy. The girls and I were in Oregon for couple of weeks. We had such a fun time relaxing, playing, and well just being lazy. Pop (my dad) made RaeLynn a birthday cake, and she thought that was pretty cool, and of corse opening more birhtday presents! We were able to watch Uncle Ben and Uncle Caleb play in their soccer games. RaeLynn loved playing with Louie, like always. But Ainzlee wasn't too sure about him. I just love going home and spending time with my family, they mean so much to me. I am pretty sure RaeLynn loves it more, she is always asking to go to Grammy and Pop's house to see Louie! But I also love watching the girls interact with my mom, dad, and my brothers!

RaeLynn & Grammy(cute princess helmet)

RaeLynn and Louie

Ainzlee riding Uncle Ben's longboard!
Ainzlee helping grammy pick the flowers!
We were home for about a week, when we made another fast trip back to Oregon. Derek (my brother) and Stephanie (finace) were going to take care of some wedding plans, and asked if I would come to help! It wasn't too bad since I didn't have to drive and the girls were happy to spend time with Pop and Grammy again! Since being back, RaeLynn has started gymnastics. When Stuart gets home she likes to show him what she did in practice that day. She loves it so much, especially wearing her gymnastics suit, I can't get her to take it off! She sleeps in it under her pajamas, its just not worth the fight. I did get her to take it off the other day because she spilt her hot chocolate on it, so well it needed to be washed!

RaeLynn in her gymnastics suit with her tutu on!

Princess RaeLynn

Ainzlee is just growing so fast. About 2 weeks ago she decided she was tried of the whole crawling thing, and well just started walking everywhere! We couldn't believe it! Now she is cruzing everywhere, there is no stopping her! She turned 10 months on saturday! I can't believe she will be one in just 2 months.

Ainzlee loves pulling the wet cloths out while I am trying to put them in!

Ainzlee also loves pulling all the dishes out of the dishwasher!

Stuart is so super busy with work, school and his church calling! I can't believe he only has 3 weeks of school! Not including the week of Thanksgiving break! I can't wait to have him home! I have been helping Derek and Stephanie make their wedding announcements, make skirts for the bridesmaids, making a scrapbook for their sign in book, and various other things! Not to mention that I am a mother of 2 very active girls! But I love keeping busy and having things to do! Sorry so long!

Enjoy the pictures!