Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great Little Helper

RaeLynn has turned into quite the little helper lately!! She wants to help with Ainzlee anyway she can!! The other day I was getting Ainzlee ready to take a nap, and RaeLynn asked if she could feed her, her bottle!! RaeLynn did a really good job considering Ainzlee is about the same size as her! I think they both really enjoyed the bonding moment! I am not too sure Ainzlee got much milk because she just kepted laughing at RaeLynn!! It was great!! 

Ainzlee playing outside the other day!! She loved it!

RaeLynn in her cute matching hat and coat! 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Young Love

RaeLynn has become really good friends with a neighbor boy named Tucker! They are the same age and alike in so many ways, it's crazy! He was over playing the other day, when they came out of RaeLynn's room holding hands! RaeLynn said, "We are going to church." I asked her, "What church?" RaeLynns response was, "We are going to the temple to get married!!" I know they are both young, but it made us moms happy that at such a young age they know about the importance of the temple, and desire to get married there one day. A few years from now!! haha I know when they are older we all will look back at these pictures and just laugh~ Thanks Tucker for being RaeLynn's friend, and her groom!!

Ainzlee loves playing in her car seat, rocking her baby Jaden to sleep!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monday Night Bowling

We went bowling monday night for family home evening! We had such a blast!! RaeLynn has been a few times, and really enjoys it a lot! This was Ainzlee's first time, and well at first she wasn't too sure about all the LOUD noise! But I think she liked it more towards the end!! And then after we went to Craigo's for all you can eat salad, pizza, and pasta! Yummy, so GOOD!
(sorry some of the pictures are blurry, we just got a new camera and still trying to get the hang of it)



Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy late Valentines!

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day together as a family! The girls were spoiled(thanks Grandma Guylia, and Grammy)! We made pink heart pancakes for breakfast, which was a lot of fun! And just hung out all day !

Heart pancakes!

The girls in their cute Valentines outfits!! 



  I made these cute skirts for the girls and they wore them to church yesterday! 
(thanks Becky for all your help, it was a lot of fun!)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jorgensen Wedding

Pictures of Stephanie and Derek's Wedding! I just had to post them because they turned out SO good, and what a good looking couple!! Love you guys!  

 Stephanie and Derek

Jorgensen's est. 2008

Steph, Derek, and Rae

     Uncle Bun & Ainzlee    Uncle Taleb & Rae

RaeLynn loves Princess Stephanie!

Bride & Bridesmaids (these are the skirts I made(thanks Ashlee for ALL your help!) and I know you can't see them that well but at least you have seen them!)

Hardy Party of 4

Mama & Princess RaeLynn

Jorgensen Family

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fun Pictures of the Adorable Hardy Girls

I took these last week while Stuart was gone! I think my girls are so much fun and the best looking girls ever, but that is just because I am their mama! Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do!! 

Ainzlee playing hide n seek! She loves wearing my boots!

RaeLynn loves helping feed Ainzlee her breakfast!

RaeLynn hiding and picking her nose at the same time!

First time ever french braiding her hair all by myself! Thanks Ashlee!

Gotta get it all! Yummy!

Don't you just love this face!?!?

Happy to be sisters!

Chubby bunny!

We were making pancakes one morning, and RaeLynn had to go to the bathroom! Well this is what we found when we came back! I forgot that RaeLynn had her yellow chair by the counter helping me with the pancakes, and well Ainzlee thought she would be the first one to taste them, handful and all! 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Papa's Princesses

Stuart has been gone the past couple of days to Portland on some official job business! So he thought it would be fun to bring home a surprise for the girls! He bought RaeLynn and Ainzlee some hair things, shirts, and some really cute shoes! And well let me tell you, he did a really good job. Not only did he pick out adorable things, he got them for a steal of a deal! (I think I have taught him well about bargain shopping) He got these butterfly clips for 99 cents, RaeLynn's shirt for $1.99, and her cute pink slippers and shoes for $6. Yep that is right, and you will never guess where he got them from..............................................Oshkosh! I love when you look at the receipt and you saved almost triple of what you spent! Thanks Stuart! The girls love what you got them, and we are happy to have you home! Love you so much!!