Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

The first week while in our new place it rained a lot! And because of that there was a huge pool in our backyard! The huge pool brought some ducks!! Yep, right outside our apartment! The ducks come around about once a day now and the girls love feeding them some bread! Ainzlee gets so excited when them come around, she is always saying, "quack, quack!" 

One day last week, we decided to take the girls swimming, but by the time we got to the pool, it was too cold! So we came home and they swam in the bathtub!  

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Adventures!!

My brother Ben graduated from high school the end of May! He has been offered wrestling scholarships to a few different schools and a really big one back east, but has declined them all in order to serve a mission. We are so happy for him. He is about done with all his mission papers, but doesn't turn 19 till September!! We are excited to see where he will be serving!

Proud Parents with Ben!!!!!!

Selah and Ben!

Happy Family with the graduate!

Bedtime stories with Grammy are always exciting!! 

Dirt & water go well together!! Showing off the bathing suit!

Ainzlee loved playing with the hose, especially when she finally figured it out!

Trying on Rae's helmet, backwards! Love the cheesy face! And so proud of herself!

Louie wishing she would just leave him alone!

AWHHHHHH, nice refreshing water on a HOT summer day!!!!

RaeLynn and Cora ready to go camping in the living room, pajamas and all!! 

Nice marshmallow!! Yummy smores!!

My mom got a fire pit for Mother's Day and so of course we took advantage of it the last few days we were there!! Ainzlee only liked the chocolate and the boogers in her nose!! 

Grammy and Rae! 

So over the 6 weeks we were there, Ainzlee pretty much got into EVERYTHING!! I am being very serious when I say EVERYTHING!! She loved pouring the bottle of dog shampoo all over the rug in the bathroom, the bottle of syrup on the kitchen floor while rubbing her fingers through it, the dog dish everyday, hot chocolate packet all over the carpet, finding her in the bathroom her legs and all in the toilet taking a bath, and those are just a few things! Of course I didn't get any pictures of any of it but I sure did on the best one ever! The one that tops it off happened on the thursday before we moved. We were all upstairs trying to gather things together, then the next thing I know Ainzlee is gone! I send Caleb downstairs to find her, he tells me she is just playing! So I continue with what I was doing! I can hear Ainzlee coming up the stairs, and she is as happy as can be. I go out into the hall to meet her and she has blood all over her mouth, coming out her nose, her hands, clothes and some on her toes. I start to panic, examine her face, nose, mouth, her whole body but can't find anything. The whole time I am thinking it doesn't smell like blood, but I couldn't put my finger on it. So when you look at this picture what do you think? And then I head downstairs to find.................................


An open package of RED Kool Aid!!

Well Ainzlee hope you enjoyed it!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Hardy Family Reunites

Yes that is right, we are finally a family once again!! After six weeks of Stuart coming home(well my mom and dad's place) every weekend, the girls being up till 9, 10, ok or maybe 11 almost every night, RaeLynn wearing nothing but her bathing suit or ballet outfit, Ainzlee getting into the dog dish and well pretty much anything else she could get her paws into, we have a place to call our own! As much fun as it was being with my family all that time, the past week has been great! Stuart is home in the evenings, we have dinner as a family, and we can just play, play, and play some more! We love our new apartment, it is huge and really nice! The girls love having a room again, their long lost toys and their beds back! I love that when Stuart does come home, he is home to spend time with us, he doesn't have to worry about homework, tests, or anything to do with school!! It is great!  Enjoy the pictures!! And there will be more later in the week, of our fun adventures while at grammy and pop's house!


RaeLynn loves Louie!! Ainzlee loved playing in the pots with dirt! Good thing my mom hadn't planted her flowers yet!

RaeLynn's First Haircut! April 30, 2009 Thanks Lilli!

RaeLynn and Cora swinging together!! Aren't they silly!

Caleb's Birthday!!

Ben & Selah Prom 2009 Aren't they HOT in pink!! 

Ainlzee loved the neighbor's dog so much, she would spy on her!! 

I put her on the couch to get some milk and when I came back she was out!!

Taking a drink from the doggy dish, and playing in Louie's house!

The girls helping Great Grandma Hardy! And Rae in my heels!

Happy Birthday to me! (don't i look happy, i didn't really want any pictures but stuart insisted!)

Birthday cake, it was so good! Something I got from a magazine waffles with strawberries, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and cool whip! (I will post the recipe later this week.) Yummy!

Ainzlee enjoyed the fun waffles and ice cream!
My sweet 26th birthday bash!! Derek and Stephanie came for the weekend!!  We had a really good time at the rodeo and just hanging out!!