Friday, April 30, 2010

The secret Life of the Hardy Girls

I bet you didn't know that RaeLynn and Ainzlee are Super Heros!
The girls LOVE the Barbie Movie The Three Musketeers!
RaeLynn is the Pink Musketeer and Ainzlee is the Purple Musketeer!!
RaeLynn runs around the table saying, "Super Rae!"
Of course Ainzlee is right their behind her saying, "Super Me!"
RaeLynn told me today she needed a Musketeer Sword!!
Hmm I will have to think about that!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tulip Festival

Every year in Woodburn Oregon, the Woodenshoe Farm has a
Tulip Festival and that is where we spent our Saturday!! It was so
much fun! There were so many different colors, sizes, and types of Tulips!
The fields were just AMAZING!!!
Aren't they BEautiFUL!
The girls loved pumping the water and racing their ducks!
Papa and Ainzlee watching the ducks!
RaeLynn pumping so fast!
Such CUTE duckies!
I LOVE this picture!
The giant wooden shoe!
Lookin good Papa!
Ainzlee had to try on all the wooden shoes!
Love it!
Mama and her girls!
Loving Sister!
Love this HAPPY girl!!
Notice how tall these TULIPS are compared to Ainzlee!
These are the TULIPS Stuart picked!
Even though it was raining, she has a smile on her face!
Riding the tire swing horse!
AWW, cute love birds!
Just breath taking!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's always TROUBLE when its too........

I should have known that Ainzlee was into something when
it was so quiet in the house!! I just bought a new
package of wipes(the big bag) and hadn't put them up in the closet yet.
Well Ainzlee thought she would pull out every single one
of the 216 wipes.
The guilty look!!
The pile of 216 wipes!!
The ones she hadn't ripped apart yet.
Because she ripped almost all of them apart, I couldn't
get them all to fit back in the bag. And then to make matters
worse the wipes won't fit nicely in the wipe case!
I can't help but LOVE her to pieces!! Isn't she just too cute?!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Painting Cars

Papa bought the girls a couple of wood cars to paint the other day!
RaeLynn and Ainzlee had such a good time painting their own car!
Let's just say Ainzlee didn't always clean the brush out
before dipping it in another color. And Rae enjoyed mixing
all the colors too! Stuart and I felt like little kids again!
She looks so proud of herself!
Ainzlee showing off her fire truck!
Rae painted her car purple!
Showing off Papa's car! Rae's race car is on the floor!
Papa showing of his bulldozer!
My fire truck!

Monday, April 12, 2010


A couple of weeks ago the girls wanted to plant some flowers!
We found these cute little buckets and got some sunflower seeds!
It was so much fun!! I also planted some tomatoes a few day ago!
Still no sign of them yet! We are thinking about growing some
pumpkins too!!
RaeLynn so happy!!
Ainzlee with her pot of flowers!
When we came home from Rexburg this is what we found!
This is what the flowers looked like this morning!
The girls have really enjoyed watching them grow and
LOVE watering them! Can't wait till they start blooming!
We are probably going to have to put them in a bigger pot soon!
I just love SPRING!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soccer Player RaeLynn

RaeLynn all geared up and ready to play some soccer!
Rae had to get pink EVERYTHING...
ball, socks, shorts, and kleats!
Learning how to trap the ball!
And Ainzlee too, all geared up and ready to go!
I don't think Ainzlee is too happy!
They both look pretty serious!
RaeLynn had her first game tonight. She is pretty proud of her
soccer shirt with HER name on it! She played hard, had 3 great
throw-ins, and is such a girl!! Let's just say she didn't touch the ball
with her feet, but she was happy and had a great time! I think
Stuart and I enjoyed watching her play more than she enjoyed playing.
I can't believe our little girl is playing soccer, that is just crazy!
I looking forward to watching her play whatever she
wants for the next 15 years, no matter rain or shine!
Watching her out there on the field tonight brought me so much joy,
happiness, excitement, and a little sadness. I love being her mother!
Good Luck RaeLynn!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

We celebrated Easter last weekend while in Hermsiton because
we were in Rexburg visiting Derek and Steph for Easter.
Ainzlee showing off her Bunny rings she got from
the Easter Bunny!
Ainzlee riding her new Princess Scooter!
RaeLynn got one too! They haven't been able to
ride them out side yet because of the weather!
I sure hope it will be nice this week, so they can give
them a try!
Rae checking out her Easter loot!