Monday, June 28, 2010!

The other morning I was in the kitchen getting some
breakfast for the girls! Rae was already up to the table eating,
but Ainzlee was no where to be found!
Then I heard her say, very quietly "Mama!"
I went in their room but couldn't see her anywhere!
She yelled a little louder this time, "Mama!"
I realized she was in the closet with the door shut!
When I opened the door this is what I found!
Of course I told her stay right there so I could get the camera!
Don't judge me!! :)
She was pretty proud of herself that she got up there,
but was too afraid to come down all by herself!
She got up there because I was hiding some shorts
that I didn't want her to wear!
Guess I need to find a new hiding spot!
I am loving the shirt tucked into her underwear!
I caught her climbing up there again yesterday!
Love you Pumpkin Pooh!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally get to use the Pool!

Good weather= lots of time in the pool!
And loving every minute of it!
Awww, that was refreshing!
Can't wait to get in again tomorrow!
Happy Summer!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fleet Week

Every year Portland, Oregon puts of the Rose Festival in downtown Portland!
It's a week long and filled with different activities throughout the week!
We wanted to see the ships!! But by the time we got
there the tours we all full and the line was at least 2 hours, if not more!
I don't know about you but we didn't want to wait in line
especially with Rae and Ainz! Hopefully next year!

I don't know what kind of ship this is,
but this is the one we wanted to go on!
Pretty sweet, huh?
We went on this ship!
It is specifically a buoy ship!
Cute girlies waiting in line!
The Hardy's on the ship!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Look who's in Training..............

I haven't been pushing the potty training at all with Ainzlee!
But she has been very interested in it for a while now so
last week we decided to give it a try........and she has done so good!
We ventured to the store one day and that was a great success!
And even made it through all of church yesterday!
She wore her underwear to bed the past 2 night and has gotten up dry!
She loves wearing her BIG GIRL UNDERWEAR just like
her big sister Rae!

Potty Moments!
-No matter where she is, if she needs to go she will pull her
underwear down to her ankles and then run/walk to the bathroom
to take care of business
-Wants everyone to come see the pee/poop
-Loves when Rae does a potty dance for her
-Only picks the orange starburst for her treat
-Wants to wear her orange underwear all the time
(she only has 1 orange underwear)
-After rushing out of sacrament meeting to make it to the bathroom,
we get back to our seats as she says in a loud voice,
"Papa, me potty!" Everyone around us was laughing!
-A young boy and his father stop by yesterday for some church
business and Ainzlee says, "Me Poop Poop!"
She had just gone and was very proud of herself!
-Loves to wash her hands
(her pants and underwear are still at her ankles)
-We are at Seminary Graduation and she says to me, "Mama Potty!"
as she starts pulling her underwear and tights down in church
(we are working on getting to the bathroom
and then pulling her underwear down)
-Papa took Ainzlee to the bathroom, and she comes back crying, Stuart
had accidently hit her head on the toilet paper dispenser

Love you Ainzlee and can't believe what a big girl you are!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rae's Soccer Party

Rae had her last soccer game a couple of weeks ago! I think she was
happy it was finally over but a little sad too! She was finally
starting to figure out the game and even enjoy it a little!
She loved all the other kids on her team and had a
great first season of soccer! I think she will give it another
try in the fall!!
2 thumbs up!!
Isn't the cake cute!?!
The kids were so excited to see themselves on the field!
RaeLynn shaking Coach Juan's hand!!
She is so proud of her trophy!! She loves showing it
to everyone that comes over to our place!!
Rae we are so proud of you!
It was so much fun to watch you out on the field!
We hope there will be many more games for us to watch!
Love you!! Mama and Papa

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A weekend full of Painting!

We headed to Hermiston for the weekend to help paint my
mom and dad's house! Everyone helped paint including
RaeLynn and Ainzlee! We didn't finish it but hopefully
when we go back in a couple of weeks it will be all done!
Such a serious painter!
Grammy touching up the house with the
Laurel Wreath color aka Green!
Me, painting the trim Dinner Mint aka White!
Pop on the ladder, I am not sure what he
is doing!!
If you are in need of some painters I know of some pretty
good ones!! They know how to get the job done! Plus they
are just so cute!!
Pop giving Rae and Ainz a lesson on painting 101!
I think more paint ended up on Ainzlee than on the house!
Rae was a little grumpy!
Not so grumpy any more!
She loves hanging from the trees!
Ainzlee and Grammy!
Rae eating her s'more!!
Marshmellow mustache!
Ainzlee's fingers after eating her chocolate bar!
Man this family just keeps getting better looking all the time!
I love taking family pictures!
Just seeing the difference in the girls over a couple of weeks!
Love it!