Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ainzlee misses her sister!

This what Ainzlee looks like everyone morning we drop RaeLynn off
at preschool!! She gets all sad and a lot of the time cries the
whole way home! Ainz LOVES playing with Rae!
But I also think she has been enjoying the time she gets
to spend with just mommy! We love reading books, building
blocks, and just being silly!!
Ainzlee your time will come soon enough!!
Love you!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's all about Rae!!

Isn't she just too CUTE!! I just love this little girl....
......oh wait she isn't so little anymore!
She started Pre-School on Tuesday and just LOVES it!
She didn't even want me to walk her to the door (but I insisted) and no
way would she give me a kiss goodbye in front of her teacher
and the others kids! So I got a hug instead!!
(I will take whatever I can get)
Love the freckles and her smile!
(if you look close she has some freckles on her nose
and just loves to point out the new ones!!)
Rae was so excited to put all her school supplies
in her backpack!
Such a BIG girl!!
Papa and Mama love you so much!
And no matter how big you are,
you will always be our little baby!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let's get this party started!!

Over the weekend we headed to good old Idaho for a
huge family party on Stuart's side of the family! Let's
just say we did a lot of dancing, eating, talking, and laughing!
Papa, Rae and Ainz playing ring around the roses
with their cousin!
And they all fell down!
Every night we turned up the music and got our groove one!
Grandpa is the reason we got together,
to celebrate his birthday!
All of us!
Stuart with sister Candice and her Baby Raelynn!
Another reason we got together was so Stuart
could bless his sweet niece Baby Raelynn!
Swinging on the hammock with some cousins!
I love this guy!!
Boys will be boys!!
Ainzlee loved playing with the kittens!
So did RaeLynn especially in the bike trailer with
cousin Caleb!!
Thanks Aunt Janet and Uncle Steve for the
AWESOME weekend!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Playing in the Rain!!

The other day Stuart and the girls were playing outside,
it was such a beautiful day. But not for long!
The RAIN came, and came, and came some more!!
This is in our parking lot!
Ainzlee was freezing!!
RaeLynn liked playing in the rain but
had to have the umbrella! Look how far the water
comes up to her boots! And that isn't even the deepest!
Too cute!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Downtown Portland

RaeLynn and Ainzlee showing off there Lego car at the Lego
convention we went to in Downtown Portland!
The girls had too much fun playing with Legos,
we missed the Farmer's Market!
But that's ok!! We spent the afternoon at
Pioneer Square playing in the the fountain!
Boy, was it FUN!!
Ainzlee loved kicking the water at her sister!
Ainzlee was soaking wet!
RaeLynn just got her feet wet!
RaeLynn kicking the water back at her sister!!
I just love this picture!!
I hope they will continue to be the best of friends!!