Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

We spent Christmas at Pop and Grammy's!!
Ainz and Rae with their Piggy Banks Santa brought them!
And showing off their jammies they opened Christmas Eve!
Mama and Rae showing off her new shoes!!
Ainzlee trying to open her umbrella!
Everyone excited!!
Ainzlee wearing her Buzz Lightyear jammies she got!!
She LOVES Buzz!!
This is the day after Christmas,
and we where all dressed up!
And Ainzlee is sleeping, and Rae has
her coat on so you can't see her cute Christmas
dress, that I will have you know, she DIDN'T want
to wear because it was a dress, she
wanted to wear a shirt and skirt!!
I will remember that for next year!!
Merry Christmas!!
Love the Hardy's!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Nativity

Our stake puts on a Festival of Nativities every year, where you can
go and look at nativities people have collected from all over the
world! It is a lot of fun, and such a good way of showing the girls
the true meaning of Christmas. The best room of all is the kid's room,
where they can dress up.
Ainzlee is Mary holding Baby Jesus
and RaeLynn is a Wiseman.
Ainzlee being an Angel.
Ainz still the Angel, friend Kaylee, and Rae as a Sheep.
They also got to make a little craft of baby Jesus!!
(sorry the pictures are so dark, but they had the lights dimmed)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thornton's Tree Farm

The same day we got our tree, we visited Thornton's tree farm.
(Just so you know we didn't buy our trees at Thornton's, is that wrong?)
Everyone enjoyed riding on the hayride, feeding all the farm
animals, and drinking hot chocolate!
Pop and Uncle Caleb on the hayride!
Mama and beautiful Rae-bug on the hayride!
Ainzlee and Grammy enjoying the hayride!
All the womenfolk!!
Rae loved petting the pony!
Pop really enjoyed feeding the goats!
And I think the goat liked that Pop was feeding him!
Ainzlee didn't mind the goat licking her hand!!
"Papa, we want a pony!!"
Drinking some tasty hot cocoa!!
Ainzlee was very interested in Baby Jesus, she kept rubbing
his face and cheecks!! It was so tender and very precious!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

O' Christmas Tree

Last Saturday we ventured out to the woods of La center, WA to
cut down our Christmas Tree! It was a beautiful drive! The girls were
excited when we first got there, but after about 20 minutes they were
ready to go because it was so COLD!!
Rae is on the hunt for the perfect tree!
Ainz is excited to find that prefect tree!
And here it is....... the Hardy's
perfect Christmas Tree!!
Mama and the girls!
Enjoying themselves
Ok, now I am COLD and ready to go!
And of course it wouldn't be an adventure unless
Grammy and Pop tagged along!!
We also celebrated my Dad's 51st Birthday!
Caleb got to cut down their perfect tree!!
Grammy and the girls!
The Jorgensen's
Here is the whole crew!
We had such a great time searching
for just the right tree and just being together as a family!!
(and yes the dog is sniffing Stuarts bum bum)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hardy Girls visit the North Pole

The girls and I stopped by the North Pole to have a chat with
Mr. and Mrs. Claus. They were so excited, we even got to see
Buddy the Elf(sorry i didn't get a picture of Buddy). RaeLynn
still isn't too sure what she wants for Christmas, Santa kept asking
her is she had been a good girl and she shrugged her shoulders!
I guess she didn't know how to answer that!! Way to be honest Rae!
Ainzlee of course knew exactly what she wanted to ask santa for,
a shopping cart!! Not only did they get to sit on Santa's lap, they
enjoyed playing a few games, making an ornament, getting Christmas
tattoos, and eating cookies with milk!
It was a great adventure to the North Pole!
Hardy Girls Christmas 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ainzlee really wanted some cheese and well since we
were out of string cheese, a brick of cheese will have to do!

She ate just about the whole brick!!