Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Dance Recital

The girls started dance in September and have been loving it!
This was their first recital and they both did such a good job!
It's a pretty laid back class and does pretty much all
kinds of dancing! I think Rae is ready for something
a little more challenging! She would really like to learn ballet!
But Ainzlee LOVES it, she can't wait to go to dance class
and is dressed hours before!
I think it has been good for the both of them, but
also time for them to be individuals!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hardy Party of 5....

Stu and Arlee Hardy

So, Arlee put me on the task of writing this post,

which is either a good or bad thing...we'll see. I don't know if

all you guys know how Arlee and I met but

here's the brief blog post version in two words.

"Road Trip"

We'll have been married for 7 years in March.

Greatest choice ever...right Arlee?

I think she's still upset with the fact her name rhymes with Hardy

Arlee Raelynn Hardy

Our next greatest blessing was to have a baby. She'll always be the
one known to always bring us to tears because of the things she
why not tell you a story. So once upon a time, I was upset about something.
It was probably because Rae wasn't listening. I was telling her to get to bed
in a stern voice...sorry I'm not perfect. Suddenly I was stopped
mid sentence by these words,
"papa just be patient."
Tears started to appear and I had to apologize to her.
I will never forget the way I felt, Thanks Rae.

Ainzlee Lucinda Hardy

The next greatest blessing was having baby #2.
Ainzlee a.k.a. Ainz, will be the 'cheesy smile' girl in our family.
Everyone laughed hysterically during church because she would smile
like the bitter beer guy on the commercials. It was awesome.

So, that was the family until about 20 weeks ago.


Unborn baby Hardy

Hi! This is our next greatest blessing. Baby #3.
We went to our 20 week appointment on Thursday,
to see how the baby is looking and he/she was giving mama and papa a high five.
It was awesome. Arlee and I have been having a hard time
believing that we're having a baby, and this just made it a reality.
Arlee has been sick pretty much the whole time and
we just pray that the third trimester will go better.
She doesn't want to find out what it is, but I's killing me.
After the doctor was done with the ultrasound I asked him if he saw
something and he said,"maybe." Whatever dude, the due date is June 3, 2011.

Profile of our baby

Well we just wanted to share this special news with all of you
and want to congratulate all of our other friends who are expecting babies.
We pray that our baby and your babies will be healthy and mamas too.

Love the Hardys

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ainzlee is 3....

I can't believe how fast time goes by, my little baby, isn't
a baby anymore! Ainzlee is so big and she knows it!!
~Facts about Ainzlee~
She is very independent, wants to do everything
on her own.
Loves building with blocks.
Loves playing babies, she is my little mommy!
Right now her favorite toy is a book Grammy and Pop got
her for her birthday. It is a buzz lightyear book with all the
characters to play with.
Changes her clothes at least 5 times a day.
She always says," that's awesnome!"
Loves sitting on mom's lap to read a book!
Runs to papa and gives him lots of loves when he gets home.
Loves to just cuddle.
Coloring can keep her entertained for hours!
She would spend all day in the tub with her baby,
if mom would just let her!
Runs everywhere, she doesn't know what walking is!
Loves going to dance class with her big sister!
She only has an outside voice, she doesn't know
how to whisper!
Love you Ainzlee-Pie!
Happy Birthday!
Excited about her big girl bike, now she will be able
to keep up with RaeLynn!
Couldn't wait to open her presents!
And Papa sent her those flowers with balloons that
are in the background!!
She just loved the flowers!
A Toy Story 3 book, which she just loves
Can't wait to see what's inside!
Blowing out her candles!
The birthday girl aka buzz lightyear with her birthday cake!
All of us!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ainzlee...our little mommy

Ainzlee LOVES playing with her babies!! She loves
changing diapers, feeding, rocking, and giving her baby a bath!
She got a baby she can take in the bath with her for Christmas,
and that is all she wants to do! She loves playing with
the baby bath toys with her baby, washing her, and then
when she is all done she gets her dressed and rocks her baby to sleep!
Baby has a different name everyday!!
I just love watching her interact with her sweet baby!
The other day she was walking around the house rocking
her baby and patting her on the back
saying, "shhhh baby, mama here, shhhh."
Ainzlee just melts my heart, she is so sweet and loving
to everyone. Although she loves playing with Rae,
she loves doing her own thing and has finally her own identity.
Ainzlee holding her baby in the bath!
Teaching baby to swim!!
Giving baby some loves!
Washing her baby!!