Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mommy Moment.........

Friday night, I wasn't feeling too well.
My head had been in the toilet a few times that day, and
I had just finished taking a shower.
I was an emotional wreck!!
Ainzlee came up to me and we started having a conversation.
This is how it went...........
Ainzlee says, "mama you bebe make you sick?"
I say, "yes, the baby does make me sick."
Ainzlee says, "then get your bebe out!"
I started laughing and crying, this was so comforting to
me, knowing that my sweet little Ainzlee had the answer.
I told her that yes that would help mama feel better, but now
wasn't a good time for the baby to come just yet. He/she needs
to grow more, so that the baby will be strong and healthy.
This conversation made me realize that my girls know more
than I thought they did. They know when I am having a bad day,
or when I am having a good day. Or if I just start crying
it is because I LOVE them so much. They are my little inspirations.
Rae and Ainzlee keep me going,
and I am so grateful for them.
Love You RaeLynn and Ainzlee!!