Monday, April 18, 2011

Sneak Peak.......Family Pictures

To check out our family pictures click here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

BIG DAY....and my 200th post!!

Today marks a big day in my pregnancy! I have 60 days left!
Yep that is right! Two months from today, and officially on Wednesday
I will have 8 weeks left. If I could do summeraults around the room,
I would be doing that right now!
But I will save those till after the baby arrives.
The baby has been moving a lot more over the past couple
of weeks. Which is really exciting. RaeLynn loves to
feel the baby move, Ainzlee doesn't really have the "time"
to wait for the baby to move. When we ask
them both what we are having, they always say,
"GIRL!" Ainzlee just goes with whatever RaeLynn says
but I think Ainzlee wants a baby brother,
because she will tell RaeLynn that she thinks the baby is
a boy! But I also think Ainzlee does that to get a reaction
out of RaeLynn. It's pretty funny!
Me and my girls!!
The first and only belly shot!!
By the way this was my 200th blog post!
So exciting!!