Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Playing in the fountain

RaeLynn sitting in the water!! Having a good time!
Ainzlee wasn't too happy when she
got her shorts all wet.
I just love their cute smiles!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Swim Night

Swimming, swimming, and more swimming, that's ALL
RaeLynn and Ainzlee want to do! Because the weather hasn't been
all the great we have had to swim inside. But they are okay
with this. We have been going about once a week for about 5 weeks
now, and they still LOVE it. They enjoy sliding down the boat slide,
playing with the HUGE balls, sliding down the big yellow
slide, wearing goggles, fins, snorkel, and swimming in
the deep waterwith their life jackets on. Rae and Ainzlee love
being fishes.
Ainzlee, RaeLynn, Baylee, and Papa
Papa, and Baylee
Ainz likes wearing her life jacket even if she doesn't
need it and playing with the balls!
Baylee's first swimming experience.
She actually liked it.
Baylee liked the water but didn't like being cold.
Rae loves wearing her googles and snorkel.
Ainzlee's cheesy smile.
All ready to go for a dive.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Sister LOVE.....

RaeLynn loves being a BIG sister, not only to
Ainzlee but especially to Baylee! Rae is always
asking to hold Baylee, and she does such a good job
of keeping her head up. She loves to just lay on the floor with
Baylee and talk to her! It is the cutest thing ever!
And of course Baylee gets plenty of hugs and kisses
from Rae!!
Rae and Baylee just getting up in the morning!
RaeLynn giving her little sister some good advice!
Kiss from sister RaeLynn!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Photo Shoot-take 2

Baylee's 2nd shoot was taken when she was 2 weeks old!
These are my favorites! I can't believe how much she has
changed already! I just love those cheeks of hers!!
Thanks so much Lauren for capturing the cuteness of
my sweet Baylee Madge Hardy!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Baylee's Blessing

We blessed Baylee on Sunday July 3, 2011.
Stuart did a great job blessing her, she was such a
champ during the whole thing! We had a ton of family
here for the blessing and it was so nice! I love how
supportive our families are! Baylee wasn't too happy
about getting her pics taken!
Showing off her pretty pink shoes!
Grammy, mama, and the Hardy girls!
Stuarts family!
Great Grandpa Hodge, Grandma Guylia, and us!
Great Grandparents Eisenhauer!
Pop, Caleb, Grammy, and the girls!
The 3 beautiful Hardy girls!
Mama and Miss Baylee!
Proud parents!
Papa and Baylee!
The Hardy family of 5!!

Also Happy 1 month Baylee!
She is a month old today, and I just can't
believe it! She has forever changed our lives
and we love her for that! She is such a great baby!
Sleeps great, and loves all the attention she gets
from her older sisters!
We LOVE you Baylee Madge Hardy!