Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spending time at Pop and Grammy's

At the beginning of August Stuart was gone on Super Activity so
the girls and I headed to Hermiston to spend some fun
quality time with Pop, Grammy, and Louie! Caleb was gone
to scouts all week. So it was just Pop and the girls, Lucky him!!
We played in the pool a lot, ate lots of candy, stayed up too late,
painted my parent's room, lots of shopping, and late night talks!!
It's always a party when we are at their house.
Louie loved sleeping next to Baylee!
He is such a good protector.
Pop and Baylee
Ainzlee eating a granola bar in her jammies with
her jacket on!
RaeLynn sitting in Louie's bed.
Here's the story behind Louie's bed.....
We were out shopping and my mom was saying
she would like to get Louie a bed to lay in.
We found one at TJMaxx for like 5 bucks, so my mom
bought it. My mom put the bed in his favorite
napping spot, but he would just lay next to it or
somewhere else. Rae thought if she sat in the bed
then Louie would come sit with her in it!! haha
Cute, huh? But she could never get him to go in his bed!
After we left, my mom sent me a picture
of Louie in his new bed! Rae was so excited!
Watching a movie!
Playing dress up with Grammy's dresses!
Showing off her dress!!
Too Cute!!
Rae doing the chicken dance!!

Camping at Lower Falls

A couple of weeks ago we went camping with some friends
and had a blast. We camped for 5 days and 3 of those days it was
just the 3 girls and me. Stuart met us up there on friday after work!
The weather was perfect and the girls had such a good time riding
bikes, building forts, swimming, hiking, roasting too many
marshmallows, playing hide and seek, and just enjoying the
beauties around us!
RaeLynn and Ainzlee with Avery and Ashley!
These girls did everything together!
Do you like Ainzlee's clothes?
RaeLynn showing off!!
Baylee's frist camping experience and she did awesome!
She was such a trooper! She slept so good and enjoyed being
held a lot.
Proof we were all there!
Bummer the picture is so dark.
Ainzlee having a good time!
RaeLynn getting ready to float down the river!
Ainzlee and Baby Abby playing in the raft!
Rae having a snack! YUM!!

On our way home from camping we stopped in at the Ape Caves.
It was neat but SO cold!!
Here we are after just coming out of the caves.
Stuart was holding Ainzlee and she fell asleep!
Baylee enjoyed the caves, she slept the whole time!
Rae did go to but she was up ahead of us with her friends
so I didn't get a picture of her.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Two Month Birthday Baylee!

When you read this blog I want you to raise your hand if you
have something that makes you feel happy and worry free.
There is just too much negativity, pessimism, evil, selfishness, hatred and
fear. The majority of headlines and articles that are being
displayed are about atrocities against children, women and men.
For every sad article or headline that I read requires me
to pull out from my heart and spirit a positive and wonderful thing.
We all have some sort of stockpile like that. These things or memories
give us the reinforcement we need, to function at our
maximum capacity and to keep our fears at bay.

The Hardy family has a lot of things in our stockpile, but that
doesn't make us perfect. We just need to remember that we
have a lot more miracles than trials. One particular miracle is
Baylee Madge.

Here's a post to celebrate this 2 month old miracle.

Baylee was a day old in this picture. This is a rare picture
of when her eyes are closed.

The Big Blessing Day. Baylee was great during the blessing.
Arlee was too.

Her face says it all. "GET ME OUT OF HERE!"
She's a lucky little girl to have big sisters like Rae, Ainz and Caleb(jk).

We have a lot in common. We like to take naps.

She is just a cool girl. She sleeps, poops, cries and wiggles around just
like she should be. I'm so grateful for her. She makes us smile
on a less than perfect day. We love you Baylee.

Congrats to all those new moms and dads out there. I hope your babies are doing well.