Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RaeLynn lost her first tooth

One day I noticed RaeLynn's front tooth looked

a little different. So I asked her about it and she

said, "yep it's loose."

She would play with it and wiggled it but there

was no way she was going to pull that thing out

on her own.

Love this smile!!

The next morning she lost her tooth!!

Still a beautiful smile!

Here's her story of how she lossed her tooth.....

I was eating my cinnamon toast, and my tooth was bendy.

I took a bite of my toast and felt something in my mouth,

it was my tooth!

Dinner with Grandma Hardy

We love going to visit Grandma Hardy because she makes
the best food!! You never go home from her house with an
empty stomach. Thanks for feeding us Grandma!!
RaeLynn, Ainzlee, Grandma Hardy holding Baylee!
(4th of july matching outfits)
Baylee enjoyed herself!
Rae and Ainz playing with Grandma's cars!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Idaho Trip 2011

The middle of August we loaded up the car and headed to
Burley, Idaho to spend time with Stuart's family. It was
such a fun vacation but the best part was being with
family we don't get to see very often!!
Taking a break to get all our wiggles out!!
(feed Baylee and change her diaper)
Rae's entertainment......movies and pretzels in
her nose!! I think she gets this from Pop!
Ainzlee licking her lips and fingers!

Derek came to visit us for a day.
Derek holding his sweet niece for the first time.
Derek and the Hardy girls

All the family went to the cemetery to visit late
Grandma Madge Hodge and put up flags on all the service
men's graves.
All the great grandchildren reading Grandma's head stone.
The whole crew!!
Except Tyler, Melissa, Logan, Jared, Emma, and Evan,
they are station in Japan!! But we missed you guys a ton
and love you loads!
Grandpa Hodge and his great grandchildern.

One day we went to Raft River and
played on huge slides!!
Everyone had such a blast!! RaeLynn and Ainzlee weren't
too sure about it at first but once they saw all their cousins
going down they had to join in on the fun!
Ainzlee, Papa, and RaeLynn sliding down the slide!
I love the look on all their faces!
Rae bug sliding down on her knees!
Mama, Ainzlee Pie, and Rae Bug
Baylee enjoyed the water slide too!!
Love the smile and those checks.

Great Grandpa Hodge and the girls enjoying pink popsicles!

We spent one day at the fair, eating fair food,
looking at all the animals, getting feathers in our hair,
looking through all the booths, and watching the
rodeo which was a huge hit!
Ainzlee riding her bull.
RaeLynn riding her bull.
And of course Papa had to have a turn too!

Love this face!
Sweet shades!
Mama and Rae
Swinging on the swing set and enjoy a red popsicle!
Grandma Guylia treated us to some really good Mexican
food and desert!!
Grandma Guylia and RaeLynn enjoying it together!

Can't wait to see everyone again next year!
Love ya!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy 3 months Miss Baylee

Baylee is 3 months old today and I don't know where the
past 3 months have gone. She is just sweet and happy all the time.
She is awake a lot more, loves to smile at you,
starting to laugh more, coos at anybody that
is talking to her, and LOVES sucking on her fingers.
Baylee doesn't really cry it's more of a scream, and
a loud scream. When she is tired and ready to go
to sleep she doesn't want to be held. She prefers
to be laid down so she can go to sleep on her own.
Baylee also LOVES her bouncy chair. She gets her
legs going so fast that the chair is bouncing up and down!
She just discovered her toes and tries really hard to
get them in her mouth!
We LOVE LOVE LOVE you Baylee!
Love this happy face!
Papa and Baylee
Our little munchkin!!
Mama and Baylee
(notice the droll on her chin)
Baylee's 3 month stats
height-24 inches
weight-13 lbs 4 ounces