Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pictures of the Hardy's, family of 5!

I love love love having our pictures taken! I am not
sure if it is because my girls are just so cute, or
everyone gets new clothes that I get to match
together, or that I can't wait to print them and
hang them all over my house!
But I LOVE that we get to spend time together as
a family and act like goofballs in front of the
photographer!! I get all giddy just thinking about it!
I mean, come on who doesn't like posing?
My girls love to have their pictures taken and I have proof!!

Baylee Boo
15 weeks old

Ainzlee Pie
3 1/2 years old

RaeLynn Bug
6 years old
(and if you read the previous post about Rae losing her first tooth,
well she lost 2 others within a week of each other! Another on
the top and one on the bottom!)

I just can't get enough of this picture!

4 girls + a guy = US