Sunday, January 8, 2012

HaPpY hApPy BiRtHdAy

I can not believe my little Ainzlee isn't so little anymore!
Today was a very big day for her,
she turns 4 and gets to start primary!
She was so ready for that and LOVED having
them sing to her.
Fun facts about Ainzlee
-Favorite saying "Holy Guacamole!"
(i am not sure where she heard this, but she says
it ALL the time)
-Favorite activity LOVES LOVES LOVES to color
-Favorite thing to play is babies
(and she is a great little mommy)
But her most favorite thing right now is
making puzzles!! She will spend all day putting them together
all over in the kitchen and dinning room floor. Not on the carpet!
She is so good at it too! Every time we go to target she asks to
get a puzzle in the $1 section!
We love you so very much Ainzlee! You are the best little sister
to RaeLynn and the best big sister to Baylee!! But most of all
you are the best Ainzlee ever!!
Love you a million!!