Saturday, March 31, 2012

Idaho Trip

Last week the girls and I picked up Grammy
and headed to Idaho to meet the newest addition to the family!!
Brettyn Kay Jorgensen

RaeLynn and Ainzlee were so excited to finally have a cousin
on my side of the family.
RaeLynn loved holding him. She couldn't get enough of him!
She is such a big helper.
Ainzlee snuggling with cousin Brettyn.

Baylee would get very jealous when I would hold the baby.
She didn't like it at all when Rae was holding him either.
It was cute and funny all at the same time!
But she did love spending time with Grammy!!
And yes she is getting so big, I can't believe she will be
10 months old next week!
Thanks Derek and Stephanie for putting up with us all week!!
Love you guys!