Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baylee is ONE!!

Baylee loved her birthday cupcake but didn't really like using her hands.
She seems like such a big girl since she turned one on friday!!
Fun facts about Miss Baylee Boo
-Loves being outside.....you can't leave the door open or she will escape
-has been walking for about 6 weeks now
-can climb up and down the stairs all by herself(without scaring me)
-will eat anything we put on her highchair
-says hi to everyone in the store over and over again and again
-waves bye bye
-LOVES her blankets....doesn't have just one favorite blanket yet!
-when music is playing...Baylee is dancing
-plays peek a boo and where's Baylee?
-likes drinking water from a cup

We hope you had the best 1st birthday Baylee!!
We love you a million!